The Navy Sails In.....

If terms like:  underway, field day, day after duty, kick-out, ORSE, COB, EDMC, Eng, nuke, coner, are familiar to you.... then you must be a Navy Wife, maybe even a Submarine Wife. 

Hello Everyone and a big Thank You to Andi for asking me to contribute.  I've been reading and following Spouse BUZZ since before the New Year and can I say, I am thrilled to be here to represent the Navy!  I know there are a TON of Army  & AF spouses here that I can't wait to get to know, but let me go ahead and just say what's on my heart.


Whew.....ok, now I can get back to business.

So, just who is this latest milspouse extraordinaire?  I've been associated with the military for over 13 years.  I'm married to the best looking submariner in the Navy (he asked me if my intro said this...which it didn't....so here I am adding it!), he just hit 20 years of service.  We have two boys (10 and 19) , 2 dogs (beagles) and hopefully soon a fish aquarium.

He started his career on a fast attack (USS Sturgeon - he says I should include that since it gives him more "credibility") and his last two boats have been Tridents.  We just moved from Kings Bay, GA and are now on shore duty in the mid south.

I've worked for both the US Army and US Air Force as a DOD Civ., headed a "Wives Support Group" (that was sort of dysfunctional - I try not to remember that time too much); lived in Germany for 4 years.  I'm a soccer mom, graphic designer/web developer, love college basketball and I love to travel.  Currently, I'm still trying to decorate my house after the move, adjust to the husband being home all the time (although there is always the threat of an IA), while still trying to run my little design studio.  Current issues I'm dealing with that maybe you can relate to:  I just lost my grandmother (she was like a mother to me) and I'm in denial about that sometimes, I struggle with my weight, I'm also a step-mom to a disgruntled teenager.

Since I am a Navy wife, my goal is to contribute milspouse content from a Navy spouse point of view that is informative, relevant, and inspiring... with a little humor sprinkled in for fun.  I'd like SpouseBUZZ to attract more and more Navy spouses.  I can't guarantee I'll be as funny as airforcewife, however I'm going to give it my best.

Thanks for having me, it's a pleasure to be apart of this great online community!

The Best is Yet to Come!

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