Problem Solving on the Fly


Recently I was in the airport and faced with a dreaded airline delay.


When it comes to traveling, either flying or a road trip, being a milspouse has heighten my problem solving skills. I'm sure many of us feel like we are actually getting super powers when it comes to problem solving. As milspouses we are used to things changing at a moments notice and we are forced to "improvise, adapt and overcome".

The delay went something like this:

While at the El Paso airport the dreaded "delayed" came across the monitor next to my flight. DFW was having high winds and they were not allowing planes to land. My 9am flt was pushed back to 130. Faced with 7 hours to kill, I decided I'd head over to Ft. Bliss and check it out. I rented a car (Dollar - under $25 bucks) which was cheaper than a cab ride and headed on my mini-adventure. When I returned to the airport later that day I discovered DFW had been closed. Closed as in no flights in or out.

Not good.

While I made my way down the AA line to the ticket agent there were a TON of disgruntled passengers. Even the local news station had a camera step up interviewing people. Once I figured out where my bag that I checked earlier in the day was (with the help of a soldier who was in front of me), I ran into a lady who was completely distraught. "What am I going to do?? she said. "Where am I supposed to stay?", "I don't have a credit card.".... I actually felt really bad for this woman and tried to calm her down and give her some suggestions. She was easily in her late 30's, early 40's.

Being a milspouse, I quickly used my problem solving super skills (don't you just love airforcewife). I rescheduled my flight via phone vs. waiting in that mile long line, recovered my rental car and drove back to my family's place to spend the night. (If I needed a hotel, my first choice would have been billeting/tvq/inn, last resort a place with room service.)

I actually think as milspouses we are more adventurous than "the average bear". Take armywifetoddlermom, for example. Her husband is TDY and she decided to take a road trip with kids in tow. Juggling hotel check-in, bags, bathroom breaks, navigating the roads....etc it can all be quite daunting, But it CAN be done!

From taking a change of clothes in your carry-on when on a flight, or shipping a box with all your items ahead of time to avoid baggage check, to bringing snacks and drinks for the kids, these are just little "think ahead" tips that make traveling easier.

This is the time of year for Spring Break's and planning summer trips (not to mention PCS moves), so I'm thinking this topic is very timely.

Do you have a travel story where you overcame murphy's law? Has being a milspouse helped you "improvise, adapt and overcome" during a trip?

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