Just when I think I cannot laugh harder

I can.

This month has been about perspective for me. you will note I have not been blogging much over here at SpouseBuzz. And let me tell you here, it was not because I didn't have anything to say. I simply wasn't sure how to say it. Sometimes it can be hard, to write at SpouseBuzz. SpouseBuzz is a SUPPORT forum, a place to go where we and our readers feel like they are not ALONE. Saying it honestly, has become the most important thing to me right now. But oh....honesty can be painful.

My DH has recently departed for some military training at Fort Benning. We were prepared for a 3 month absence. We really were. After an 18 month deployment, 3 months seemed "very doable". However 6 days before the school started, the lovely folks at Fort Benning sent DH an e-mail explaining that the 3 months accelerated course, was now a 6 month course. Ouch.

6 days to prepare for a 6 month absence. Ick.

Please note here we are the King and Queen of preparedness. We really are. Our family is prepared for a disaster. We have water, food, fuel, supplies, etc. We are poster children for preparedness. However I feel as if we were not quite prepared for an absence of this magnitude. Not now. We were prepared for 3 months, not 6. And as odd as it sounds, there is a difference.

Of course, a couple of things went wacky week one of DH's absence. Typical kind of stuff. And even with almost 16 years of marriage under my belt, there was a little screaming and kicking, and a small pity party. (no attendees thank goodness).

Above all of that, I will tell you all what has been occupying the corners of my mind, above all else.

I am amazed at the most recent generation of mil-spouses. AMAZED, with these young women and men.

I am after all, 36 years old. In mil-wife years, that is like 106 to the freash faced 20-somethings....as painful as it is, I will accept that reality. I will also add here, that I have a decent support system in place, although I am a National Guard wife, with geographical limitations. I am 36, I have a plethera of life experiance to give me excellent perspective. I have been through separations, due to deployments, I have lost family, I have been a hospice nurse...I have seen stuff. I am glad for all of the perspective that has given me. I am what I would consider a strong person.

However, I am left amazed at this new generation of mil-spouses, and those that serve. Many of them being spearated longer than together, those young couples that are on the third and fourth deployments. Those wives, that have had to celebrate every anniversary, every birthday ALONE.

This month ladies and gentelmen, this lady takes her hat off to each of you. You are truly amazing and inspiring. You have my respect and adoration. You are doing it with you heads held high, and grace. I am proud of you.

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