Hey Guys, Feeling Fat?

Do you find yourself sitting around day-in and day-out, day-dreaming the time away?  You know, the time between when they all leave and then all come back ... first, you get your MilWife out the door to duty and the kids are off to school and then there's that 25 to 45 seconds (it seems) before they all come crashing back into your moment of bliss.  Well Let Me Tell You ... simply try slim-down-home-gym-eat all the carbs you want and still gain no weight w/ Dan Marino and Chuck Norris ...that'll put you on the right track (MAYbe, just MAYbe ...)

Or ... just maybe, you could try ...

... being the first male mentor reading with a first grader who is too worried to read outloud because they simply need more practice reading to someone who won't laugh; or how about taking a trip down to the local VA hospital or VA nursing home where all you need is the time to sit and listen to our predecessors tell the exploits of Yore...

I've a dear friend, retired AF dude married to an active duty gal ... I asked him how-zit you're always so full of energy and well, so fit?  (tough question for one guy to ask another guy without, well, YOU know) As it turns out he does all the above.  Has a four-legged gal named Jenny who is trained to help kids read.  While both kid and canine are on the floor, Jenny will lay her nose down on the child's lap and then sniff the pages as they read outloud to her and my friend helps the youngster over the tough words that even Jenny can't pronounce.  He's listening to a poor reader improve their skills while they read to Jenny.  THEN, the next day, they're into the car, where they're off to the VA home, where Jenny becomes the best listener to not a 7 or 8 year old, but to a 78+ year old.  All the while they're stroking her fur, feeling her furry ears and crying for the wife they no longer have and the kids that seem too busy to stop by, they're telling Jenny and him, their stories.  Healing properties of this "treatment" are immeasureable.  This guys helps the young and the old, gets to be with his dog and still finds time to walk a round of 18 each week.  He's going to out live us all and then take the HOV lane straight to Heaven.

Guys -- I'm here to tell you -- if you're feeling fat and lethargic, then get off your ass, talk to the nearest elementary school principal about assisting in a reading class.  And still bored, then scoot down to the VA where there's some folks, both men and women, who could use a good ear to talk to ... And honestly, unlike those TV commercials that promise you, a "new you in 30 days" (for only $79.99 a month for 68 months) -- try these two things on and if in 30 days you aren't changed for the better, then I'll eat this blog post (they tell me it's fat-free).  O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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