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One of the best parts of the day since I became a Mom is bedtime.  Not only because it sometimes saved my sanity, but also because some of my best conversations with my kids happen as they become drowsy and chatty.

It's amazing the kind of Wee Wisdom one can be a party to at bedtime...

When Hubs was deployed, the habit of inquiring after my kids' day started in earnest.  I've continued it, though, because it is so fun.  I usually say something like, "So, tell me about your day"; "What was your favorite part of today?"; "What part of your day did you like the least?"

I would LOVE to read the kinds of things your little ones come up with or those little things you remember even if you wee ones have wee ones of their own now.

In a recent conversation, M2 made me laugh with her answers.

(I preface this by saying M2's favorite show at the moment is Max & Ruby in which the character, Max, loves to eat fun candy like Marshmallow Squirters and Cherry Dribblers.)

Me:  "Are you a Marshmallow Squirter?"

M2: (giggling) "NO!"

Me:  "Are you a Cherry Dribbler?"

M2:  (louder giggling) "NO, Mommy!!"

Me:  "You aren't?" 

M2:  "No, Mommy!  I'm a Pop-Tart eater!"

A girl after my own heart!

What kinds of things are your little ones saying that make you smile?  Share them in comments so everyone can share the laugh!

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