Glass ... ceiling?


I doubt you're interested in something that really gets me fired-up, and I know, I know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, but ...

Ever listen to most of the news commentators or the assorted spokesperson(s) from the various governmental agencies given time at the mic, when they're addressing topics about our spouses serving in the military?  We often and rightly hear about the "valiant men serving in X" or the "horrible conditions under which these men are living and working..." 

Aren't we momentarily forgetting something?

Why is it that when you have a mil service where 20% or one-fifth of the entire organization is composed of women, that you seldom hear about "the men AND WOMEN" serving o'er there?  Are we as a society simply not up to the task of hearing that ... Hey!  Twenty Percent are women!  And they're serving with distinction!  AND OBTW, most of them are married (~60%).  So let's talk about what THEY are leaving behind.  Damn, the Boy Scouts only taught me to start the home fire, not to SUSTAIN the home fires and keep them burning.

That glass ceiling is being shattered ... as are the women who are fighting alongside their male comrades. Granted, my numbers deal with my background in the Air Force, and yes, the Air Force is a bit unique as only 1 (or 2, maybe) AFSCs (MOSs) are restricted to men-only--the Pararescue force.  Otherwise, women airmen are serving in every capacity that is open to men -- in other words, She's Everywhere She's Everywhere ... get a grip and get used to it.

Tony Snow .... I love you man, but throw me a bone.  How about acknowledging that the men AND WOMEN assigned and stationed in these hell-holes are ALL doing the noblest of services to our blessed United States ...  O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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