Funny Because it is True


While procrastinating and Googling SpouseBUZZ, which I suppose is just slightly less narcissistic than Googling myself, I came across Jenny Spouse.  Julie Negron, creator of Jenny Spouse, had linked to this awesome post by Sarah.  Immediately, I found myself clicking through two years of archives, smiling and laughing out loud and saying to myself, "It is just so true."

I knew immediately I had to spread the word about her great comics.  Julie was kind enough to allow me to share one with you on SpouseBUZZ.The only remaining difficulty was which strip to share with so many excellent choices.

Since we've recently been talking about "Do-Overs," I thought this one was very timely (click for full size):


Her perspective reminds me to treasure my time with DH, and to also laugh and give myself a break when I forget.

If you have not already, I definitely encourage you to go to her site and get to know Jenny Spouse and her friends better.

There are strips about PCSing, friendship and support groups, TDYs and deployments, base housing, male spouses, meeting "the boss's wife," deployment gremlins, the mover-packed garbage can, and just about every topic we've blogged and commented about here recently.

I bet you'll immediately feel like you are old friends.

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