Belle of the Ball


When you don't have a sitter, either you do not go or the MilBrat has to come along.

We had an all-ranks ball last week and Baby Lilah Margaret was the belle of the ball.  She was very well-behaved in her wrap (pic after the jump) during the ball.  The only time she threw a fit was when I tried to put her in her infant car seat for a nap.  Of course, this was right during the Brigade Commander's speech.


I hurried her out and she calmed right down.  She was fine for the rest of the evening.  The Battalion Commander at least appreciated her attendance.  Today DH brought home an Easter bunny for Baby Diva, courtesy of the Colonel.

I wasn't sure about bringing her but Daddy wanted us there.  Being far away from family, I never managed to find a sitter.  Lilah was born with a heart defect so for the first five months I couldn't leave her with anyone.  Now that she has had her operation and healed, we only have a couple of months left here.  The people I trust are generally also on the guest list.  I told DH that I would just stay home, but he insisted it would be appropriate and it really did work out fine.

Has anyone ever done this before?

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