A request for all milspouses

Many of you may know by now that I am in graduate school.  I am working on a paper/presentation and I could use your help, if you are interested.  Here's the situation:  I am working on my master's in social work and I am currently taking a Couples Therapy class.  My paper/presentation is about military couples.  That's where you come in...

First of all, I will NOT be using any personal information about anyone who responds to this post.

My paper is going to focus on issues ("problems")that arise when service members return from deployments.  I am asking you to share the issues that you and your spouse faced when he/she returned from a deployment.  I do not need the actual story behind the issue - that's between you and your spouse.  What I want to know is the issue.  I plan to make a list of the most common issues (based on your responses) so I can share this information with my peers.  I also plan to research some resources that can assist with these issues - I want to share the info with my peers and with all of you.

Again, I will NOT be using any personal information!!!

If you do not feel comfortable responding to this post, I understand.  If you would like to respond, but not in a public forum, you can e-mail me here.  As I mentioned, I do not need to know the personal story or whether or not you went to counseling.  This blog is an amazing resource for me to get valid, up-to-date information about the issues that affect military couples after a deployment.  And in the end, I can share the resources I find with all of you!

Thank you, in advance, for helping me with this assignment.

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