When are you leaving?

I am sitting here laughing at my current situation.  Particularly after reading the post just below this one.  "When are you coming home". 

Most of we mil-spouses during time of war, know the inevitable moment will come, when our spouses walk away from us for a nine month to 18 month deployment. 

My Husband happens to be with a National Guard Unit, they have been over one time, and we know it is coming again.  We are also ok with this, it is his job.  But the media, by way of a Pentagon spokesperson  has reported by Husbands Unit is preparing for another deployment 2 times since November.

The local command, is denying hearing anything, nothing in stone, "they know what we know" kind of thing. 

So I continue to hang on tight as this rollar coaster takes another strange turn.  I am in good company with many of you I am sure...

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