On Wednesday, I received an email from a soldier serving in Iraq.  He wrote:

Please share the following web site with your friends and family. I've done what i can from here in iraq to make sure as many military family get a chance to make a difference in the life of a soldier. here is the site: http://www.support-a-soldier.com/

I wrote back to this soldier and asked if he'd had personal experience with SAS or knew of any soldiers who had.  He responded:

Thanks for the email.   I am attempting to keep my name/rank out of the initiative as I don't want to personally endorse one organization over another, but our unit has experienced an outpouring of support from the support-a-soldier group.  One soldier's family received money to cover living costs while an Army finance issue (entitlements) was fixed.  Another soldier reported receiving funds to help with travel costs and incidentals to fly back for his father's funeral.  I know the organization is also trying to get a scholarship fund together for soldier's dependents.  My main involvement is to let everyone know of the site and they can check it out and make their own assessment.  Hope this helps.

After requesting more information from the Support-A-Soldier staff, I received the following:

We are a grass roots start-up site dedicated to the support of a soldier.  Donations to our organization as well as profits from the merchandise help to support family members of Soldiers while the Soldier is deployed, as well as fund our fledgling schalorship fund, intended to provide secondary education support to Soldier's families in need.

We appreciate your interest as our site does not purchase any advertising, but rather is a "word of mouth" (more funds directly to Soldiers) advertised site.

Together I hope we can make a difference in the life of a Soldier.

Go ahead, check out the site and decide for yourself.  Click on the Contact Us link and request a newsletter or any additional information you may be interested in.

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