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Last night DH and I rented the movie "Click".   We had seen the previews, and had thought it was a comedy.   It is not.

*Note to readers: Do not rent "Click" unless you want to cry.*

A quick summary for you all, without spoiling the movie.

In short, the movie is about a man who is given the power to fast forward, rewind and pause through his life.  Without giving too much away here, I will tell you he uses fast forward often. 

I looked up the definitions for "remote" and "control", as separate words. 

remote: distant apart in space; "distant lands"

control: power to direct or determine

While watching the movie, I missed a lot of it, because I was sitting there thinking about how this movie applied to my life. 

The dichotomy created by a deployment.

How we want the deployment to fly by.  We want it over with as fast as it can possibly go by.  If given the choice to skip the hardship by pressing a button, some of us might.  Especially  during those moments that are most painful and difficult.  Those moments when the children are ill, and you are too, and there is a stack of bedding that needs washed, and a baby crying.  And you think you cannot make it through the day.  AND you DO. 

However, those are the defining moments.  The dark moments.  Those moments, where you do it alone, on two hours sleep, those are the moments that define us.  Those are the moments, that we get to look back on, and KNOW what we are made of. 

As a Mother I also know the pain of wanting to push the pause button on my children while my DH was deployed.   The first smile, crawling, walking, first words.  Oh, how I tried to stop time.  But it was all in vain.  Children grow. 

So I pose this question to you.  Was there a moment you might have fast forwarded through if given the chance, but after going through it, you learned you are much stronger than you had ever imagined?

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