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Handbag Our home, has been under the weather, with the cold/flu virus, that seems to have reached every corner of the United States.  And I was functioning on a sort of survival mode last week.  Doing all I could to keep up with the bare minimum.  Which as a Mother, I loathe.

It was week of mix-ups, forgetfulness, and misunderstandings.   

DH and I were supposed to spend this last Friday at a cocktail and military function. We got dolled up, and had the kids in bed, and although I was not feeling 70% I had managed to pull myself together just enough to make it through perhaps an hour or two of shaking hands, and smiling.  I had even switched handbags, including my military ID, and drivers license.  Well when our typically early sitter was not yet at our home by 8pm, I began to worry and checked my voice mail, only to note they had canceled. The phone call, must have taken place while I was showering my children and could not hear the phone.   I was very sad to note that I was not able to attend this function with my DH.  It seems we cannot seem to attend a function as a "pair" any longer. 

The next day, I headed to the commissary a 40 minute drive for us, and when I got to the gate and went to show my ID, I noted I had left not only my ID, but my drivers license in my black handbag.  Ugh.  So I spent 80 minutes lecturing myself on the importance of remembering my ID. 

*I am also ashamed to note, that I remembered to grab the lipstick out of the bag prior to leaving the house*

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