Odd Sniffing

My husband smells SO GOOD.

In fact, he smells so good that more than once I have been caught in the completely ridiculous position of having people witness me lean over to sniff him at odd times when we're in public.  It's fairly easy to catch me at my sniffing, though, since I do it all the time.  And the last thing I do at night before falling asleep is take a deep breath right next to him (unless he's been eating broccoli, then I borrow his bio-chem gear).

I'm not sure how many other women do this, or how important smelling someone is to other couples.  But I do know that whenever he is gone I am truly grateful to have that smell memory in my head, where it sometimes - just as I'm falling asleep - trickles down to my nose.

I'm normally a very clean person - so please don't hold this next tidbit against me - but when hubby goes away for something I have a hard time changing my sheets.  The world gross-out record was a non-change for nearly four weeks.  I just can't bring myself to take the sheets he last slept on to the washing machine.  And I'm embarrassed about it, too.  You never know how the mention of that one's going to be taken in a crowd!

Then there's the t-shirt issue.  As in, I like to smell those, too.  At one point hubby was sending me his gross height-of-Middle-Eastern-summer shirts before being washed.  The time it took them to get to our house was just enough to take the nasty edge off them, so I could sniff them without causing myself to contract typhoid or dysentery.

We would have a hard time surviving as military spouses without figuring out coping mechanisms to get us through.  Sniffing my husband has got to be one of the odder ones, though!

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