Love Letters


While passing my dresser this morning, I noticed a cassette tape labeled "love babble".  The label has  DH's mark on it, written in black ink, and there are several hearts scrolled on each side.  The tape, is a souvenir from Desert Storm, when my DH was deployed with the 82nd, and also not yet DH.  The tape is almost 17 years old. 

I picked it up, remembering some of his words, and how sweet his voice was to hear. 

I was then reminded of the stacks of love letters, stacks and stacks of hand written notes.  Free mail written where a stamp should go.

A letter that contains a marriage proposal, and a letter accepting. 

There is one thing I have that most of my civilian counterparts do not....Love Letters.

I did note with this last deployment, and the advent and accessibility of e-mail there were fewer handwritten notes.  Something I regret now.  Because a handwritten note says something and e-mail does not. 

And even though my DH is home this year, I am going to pass on the card this year.  I am going to write him a love letter to put with the rest. 

Since most of us have become experts over time, what makes your love letters special?  Do you make your own stationary?  Do you always seal with a kiss? 

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