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Wanted to let you know we're a bit behind on posting the email questions. If your question hasn't yet been posted, it will be posted soon. For now, this question comes from Kristi, and it's one that milspouses frequently struggle with.

I'm so glad I found this blog, it's so nice to follow so many fellow milspouses who are smart, involved, and share their experiences.My husband is currently in Iraq, he's a Navy helo pilot augmenting a reserve squadron. I've gone through deployments before, but he was always on a big, safe carrier. Now not only is he flying around a combat zone, there are headlines every week about helos being shot down. Instant headlines, with few details.I'd love to see some discussion of how any of you handle headlines like that, the kind that make you fear a strange car in the driveway, the doorbell ringing in the middle of the night. Do you distract yourself? How?

We've dealt with the media here before. One of the most powerful posts on this topic can be found here. If you stroll through our deployment archives, you will find many discussions on ways some of us distract ourselves from reality. I'm sure Kristi would appreciate some of you sharing with her what your coping mechanisms are.

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