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The mailbag is active. We have several spouses seeking advice and information.

Our first question comes from a milspouse who is about to move to Ramstein.

I am an air force spouse with four children two of which are old enough to have after school activities.  My daughter currently is taking beginner level ice skating lessons (pre-competition level) and would like to continue with the sport in Germany.  If we were in Spang. this would be no problem (Bitburg has a rink), but everyone we talk to currently at Ramstein can not help us.  I contacted a skating forum and they directed me to this site in the hopes that I could find someone else who also has a child in the Ramstein area who ice skates.  My daughter is also currently taking ballet lessons from a Bolshoi graduate and we would like her to also keep up with quality lessons (I know the youth center sometimes offers ballet lessons, but they are only offered when they have someone to teach and oftentimes the quality is not very high).  I tried to find dance schools on the internet, but they are few and far between.  Can someone possibly help with this as well?  My son does hockey (which when his sister gets situated we'll probably find hockey there for him) and also gymnastics.  This is sort of difficult.  I do not if the youth centers have classes for boys let alone equipment for them to use.  Same goes with using the internet, no luck.  If possible, can someone help?

The next question comes from a Canadian citizen who will soon become a milspouse.

I am Canadian and [my boyfriend] is set to leave for BMT in May. Basically I am worried about when I have to move to San Angelo and get on base housing. Do you know what happens when there is none available yet? [We] plan to wed in July (the day he graduates BMT). I'm already really worried about the immigration process so if you know anyone that's been through it and could give me pointers, I would love to talk to them.

I addressed the housing issue, but do any of you have experience with the immigration process? The US Immigration Office is a natural place to start, and I would assume that the local JAG office could assist with this process, or at least offer some advice, once the couple are married. However, I think this soon-to-be milspouse may be looking to hear from milspouses who have already dealt with immigration to the United States, and are willing to share their experience with her.

And finally, milspouse Maria is looking for anyone who is, or was, stationed in Belgium.

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