Freedom Team Salute


Air Force Wife's post about the Love Me Collection reminded me of one of the nicest awards I've received, the Freedom Team Salute.

My husband's unit has been very good about the formal thank yous.  I have a bunch of unique pins, coins, "medals," and certificates, as well as copies of videos and photographs of me accepting these tokens of appreciation.

Some of these award ceremonies were incredibly humbling (in particular the one where Brigade volunteers were recognized by the Division's Commanding General's wife, immediately following the Purple Heart awards).

Fortunately some of the certificates came framed, because I honestly can't see myself getting around to framing the rest of them.  DH has his wall of degrees, commissions, hard earned certifications, and awards, but I just never really bothered. Insert psychoanalysis of Molly here.

The Freedom Team Salute is one award, however, I am going to make sure to frame and hang on the wall. This award is special because, like GBear observed in her comment, my husband (my hero!) nominated me.

I know some soldiers and retirees visit SpouseBuzz, so if you want to make your spouse (or anyone else who really supports you) feel really special, follow the link and nominate that person!

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