February "What's Your Story" Contest

The topic for this month's contest was inspired by the first book we're reading as part of the new SpouseBUZZ Book Club, Household Baggage. Many of us have had at least one disastrous, zany PCS move during our "milspouse career." I wrote about my first move several months ago. Note to new milspouses: ask lots of questions before the move...

February's topic: "When PCS Moves Go Bad."

I look back on some of my "worst" PCS moves now, and laugh. Though they didn't seem funny at the time, they are hysterical now and contributed to the overall experience of being a military spouse. As airforcewife is fond of saying, "you have to laugh because if you don't, you're going to cry."

Submit an essay on the topic (900 words or less). We'll take submissions from now through February 19. If you don't want to participate in the contest, leave us a comment and tell us about your experiences with PCS moves. Every milspouse I know has at least one story that garners laughs - or gasps. What's yours?

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