A Good Samaritan saves the day!


I intended to post about this, but after reading GBear's post about snow etiquette, I figured now was a good time.

DH and I returned home from Walter Reed (he had surgery on his hand) to 12+ inches of snow in our driveway - and don't forget the layers of ice in between the layers of snow!!!  As mentioned, DH had surgery and his left hand is in a cast.  He was shoveling one-handed while I was doing my best to shovel and break up the ice (I have a bad back, hence my medical discharge from the Army a while back).  We were both tired, cranky, sore, etc. and we started biting each other's heads off.  Then I managed to get the truck stuck in the snow, which really started the "snowball of bickering."  And we still had to go to our friends' house to pick up our kids!

Then an amazing man with a plow on his truck shows up!  At first he was going to help us get the truck "unstuck," but he also plowed our ENTIRE driveway!!!  (We have a rather long double driveway).  I told him he was my hero and I truly appreciated his generosity.  Then he said, "No, HE's the hero (meaning my DH).  I guess DH told him that he had surgery as a result of being wounded.  Not real sure, but it was nice of this man to help us and give my DH hero status! :)

About 10 minutes before the "man with the plow" showed up, DH was pretty angry that no one else had stopped to see if we needed help.  We live on the corner of a very busy intersection and cars were driving by, honking, and gawking at us workin hard in the driveway.  I told DH this is a different environment - we don't live in a military community any more and things are just different.

Like GBear mentioned, when living in a military community (most of the time), everyone just helps everyone else - no questions asked.  That is one major thing I miss about living in a military community.  I miss the connections in the neighborhood where we were "one big family."

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