We create our own defining moments....

There are moments that define who we become.  Some of those moments are dealt by fate, and others are choices.  We get to decide what we want to do, and what we can do with our lives. 

I really been blessed this year to be around some very inspiring people.  People that have gone outside of the normal day to day life to do extraordinary things.  My fellow SpouseBuzz contributors inspire me daily to shoot for better.  None of them think they are are extraordinary, but they are all so inspiring to me.   

There are also the military men and women I have been lucky enough to meet, who in essence, have provided my family with the ability to sleep better at night.   

There are extraordinary volunteers, that have shown me all you need to volunteer is to fill a need.   Someone needs you.  What is your talent?  Can you bake, sew, knit, or quilt?   Maybe you have learned to become a fantastic letter writer after several deployments.  There are people that would love to hear from you.   

There is my friend here, who after about 8 years of marriage, and several deployments, says this on her blog Don't Forget The Peanut Butter...

"I am a journalist who looked around one day and realized I was no closer to achieving my dreams, one of which is to work in Africa. So I quit my job, left my husband in charge of the house and enrolled in graduate school 400 miles from home. Nearly everyone thought I was crazy. But I am a woman on a mission. I know that by stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing life's many challenges, my life will be enriched - and maybe I will gain some insight and inspiration along the way."

She is now steps away from getting her Masters degree from Baylor, and is currently in Kenya writing oral histories of women who are HIV-positive, for those that they will leave behind.

Her efforts and experience make for an interesting and touching read. 

I think her choice to give to the community, and to continue her education is a great reminder to all of us. 

There is always someone that needs you.  It does not have to be far.  Sometimes we are needed in our homes, and we need to take care of ourselves and those around us.  We need to rest our spirit and minds.  And I think we all know when we are "ready" to make changes, and we know when have the energy to help those around us. 

Because I have learned there is someone in the World, that would benefit from what you have to give.  And in the end both hearts are better for it.

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~Anias Nin

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