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It's that time of year again!  Time for hundreds of military families to sit down with their children and have......the talk!

Well, we are with you and I have to admit that I am somewhat dreading the entire affair.  You know, the embarrassment, the choking emotions, the stammering to find the right words, the trying to convince them all that the world will go on, everything will be alright.  It's not the end of the world!

I'm talking about the fact that we may be moving again.....what else!?!?!?

Yep, we might be hitting the road again this summer!  Although, this time it's much different.  We have decided to stay put in our current location because we might retire here.  So we are looking to settle in a place rather than just purchase a home for immediate resale. 

This means moving the kids......again.  But this time, maybe, for good (or the next opportunity, whatever comes first).  Rule number one, never promise stability you can't guarantee!  Nothing beyond death and taxes!  So we all need to be very careful about choosing the location, home, etc.

I thought it would be easier this time!  After all, we've been in our current home for almost two years!  That's almost a record! I think that knowing they'd at least be close to their old friends, albeit in another town, will make it more palatable.  Also, knowing they might have a chance to really bond with friends over a few years at least, should have them excited!?!

However, I find myself with sweaty palms and anxious moments while preparing my speech.  This is uncharted territory for me!  I never got this speech! My father didn't retire until I was on my way to college - even then he moved four more times before finally settling near my sister.  You know, the one with real civilian roots and, at the time, grandchildren - blast her for having all the 'right stuff'!

Any words of wisdom from the crowd of experience "Talkers" out there?

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