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Household Baggage arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. It's now Monday morning and I'm almost halfway through the book. I'm also sick, which gave me some reading time. But, even if I wasn't under the weather, this book would be a fast read.

We received some questions about the SpouseBUZZ Book Club over the weekend. Here's the way it will work: Buy the book and start reading anytime you wish. We'll post discussion threads which we'll use to discuss the book as a group. Because this book is an easy read, I think we'll have two discussion forums. One will deal with pages 1-104. The other will deal with pages 105-188 (the end of the book). Everyone has a different schedule and some can read faster than others, so we're keeping that in mind. Let's plan for the first discussion thread to be posted on February 9 and the second discussion thread one week later, February 16. At that time, you can submit your questions for the author, Marna Krajeski.

By the way, who's playing? Would be nice to get an idea of how many of you are participating.

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