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I think, as military spouses, there should be some kind of recognition system. Something similar to what the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts have. Merit badges, if you will.

For instance...a few months ago, I had a run in with my kitchen sink . I won that round. (Me: 1   Deployment Gremlins: 0)

Fast forward to the Christmas holiday. Some wayward pineapple rinds stopped the whole show up again.

We got it running again but just a few days later, it stopped up again.So out came the pipe wrench, the buckets, the towels. Two hours, a tripto the hardware store, one raped sink in the garage, and several cusswords later...and the sink is running free again!

I think I deserve TWO merit badges for that one. Not only for myability to handle the crisis (and not call the landlord at 7pm on aFriday night) but also my ingenuity when I realized that I had boughtthe wrong sized part for the sink and that the hardware store wasclosed (which necessitated the raping of the utility sink in thegarage).

Me: 2     Deployment Gremlins: 0

Now I am working on my auto mechanic's merit badge. The airconditioning compressor on the Pathfinder is dead. To have the mechanicreplace it would run me about $700-$800. I found the part on eBay for$150 and I'm now in the process of trying to get the old one out so Ican put the new one in. My biggest problem (besides finding timebetween the persistent rain and the 2 ankle-biters that keep demandingmy attention) is getting enough torque to loosen the bolts that holdthe compressor to the car. THIS is why I need MacGyver! My hope is thatI can get this done before he gets home.

I even have the a/c recharging kit - a guy from church was PCSing andcouldn't take it with him. When he came over to borrow our mini fridgefor a few days, he saw that I was working on the compressor and gave mehis unused recharging kit. Woohoo! If I can do this myself, it willsave us about $600. Works for me!

I wonder if there is a market out there for Military Spouse Merit Badges? What merit badges are you eligible for??


- hfs

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