Introducing the SpouseBUZZ Book Club


A couple of weeks ago, I threw out the idea of starting a SpousBUZZ Book Club. We received great feedback via email and comments. So....we're going to give it a try.

Marna Krajeski, Army wife and author, has agreed to be our guinea pig. Marna's book, Household Baggage will be the first book we read and profile as part of our SpouseBUZZ Book Club.

Below is a description of Household Baggage from the website.

Household Baggage is an entertaining collection of funny, poignant, and disarmingly candid essays written by Marna Krajeski, an Army wife of 16 years and mother of two children. Krajeski's lively prose targets the challenges confronting today's military family, where marriage and motherhood endure frequent moves, long separations, uncomfortable living quarters, and wartime deployments.

Household Baggage is perfect for the military spouse who functions in the vast area between surviving and thriving, and who always welcomes an extended hand, a sympathetic ear, and comic relief. Brides new to the service will find the light-hearted insights helpful, the more serious issues invaluable. Seasoned military wives will appreciate the common-ground experiences that unite them.

Krajeski's intimate stories and anecdotes cover the tough and tender emotional ground of military life. There are enough field manuals on the market to assist families adjusting to military life. Krajeski calls Household Baggage a feeling manual. You'll understand why when you read it.

Official group reading will begin on February 1, though you can begin anytime you're ready. Let's plan to have the book completed (188 pages) by February 22. In early February, we'll post some benchmarks. Throughout the month, we'll open some discussion threads where we can talk about what we've read so far and share our thoughts about the book. Marna has agreed to be interviewed for a podcast, which will feature some of your questions.

Our newly-formed Book Club is a work in progress. Truthfully, we're winging it, but hey - we're always happy to try new things around here. Should be a fun experiment and a great way to interact with each another.

Okay, only nine shopping days left before we begin so, go get the book.

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