I'm Wishing...

We just got word - hubby was selected for a VERY good program!  Now we must fill out the "Dream Sheet."

There's a reason it's called a Dream Sheet; I've learned that lesson loud and clear in our active duty years.  Still, it's fun to fill out.  We start out with all the possibilities in front of us.  Hubby and I play a game of high stakes poker to decide which assignment goes in which "wish" slot.  We used to argue over the number one placement, but with the experience of many assignment cycles, we have found that #1 is a throw away.  Now we argue, bargain, cajole, and beg each other for the number two slot.

This time, I had to promise home-made cheesecake chocolate chip cookies, a tag along session to the shooting range, and a few other things we don't politely speak of in public; but I got my number two wish.  Hubby's poker playing has improved very much since we instituted this system of Dream Sheet completion - it turns out he really wanted the same thing I did in the coveted Number Two slot.

I so need to start watching the ESPN Poker Tournament to improve my game.

The Dream Sheet phase of the assignment process is always mentally wrenching for me.  I seriously agonize over all the possibilities; much like my husband does, but in a far different manner.

For instance, at one time there was an assignment hubby wanted in Hawaii.  At first I jumped up and down for joy - YAY!  Hawaii!  Hubby put it on his rough draft.  The next day I thought, "Um, that would be expensive, and I'm really addicted to seasons.  I'm not sure I can do three years in Hawaii."  Hubby took it off his rough draft.

Then after the wedding episode of some inane sitcom I watched I thought that an assignment there would be too much to pass up.  Hubby put Hawaii back on his rough draft.  The cycle repeated itself over and over.  And not only with Hawaii, either.  Florida's dream sheet inclusion has been argued every cycle since 1998!   

Some of the wishes on our Dream Sheet are perpetual bridesmaids - much like Susan Lucci's reign as the Queen of Emmy Nominations and Losses.  We have put various overseas assignments on our list every single cycle and have been passed over for them so often that I have a sneaking suspicion there is a secret order in hubby's file on me, "Don't PCS Overseas - Wife May Cause International Incident."  I have dreams of someday backpacking across Europe as we use up the 44 days of Use or Lose Leave hubby has accumulated, but we may end up hiking the Appalachian Trail instead.

I'm sure the barbecue is better, anyhow.

This year we gave our children an ability to voice their preferences - something we've been wary of in the past because four children of vastly differing opinions can make a terrible racket.  Now that they're older, hubby and I can actually grab some popcorn and watch the wrestling match as the kids agitate to have their preferences come out on top.  It's good Sunday afternoon entertainment.

Hubby has also learned some lessons from the last several Dream Sheets.  Yesterday when I asked him to change positions Number 3 and 4 he informed me the sheet had already been submitted.  I did feel a momentary urge to call up the assignment people and beg for a chance to change the sheet, but it passed.

At least, it passed for today.  I'm not sure how I'll feel about our selections tomorrow. 

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