I love the Emergency Room!


Okay, maybe "love" is not the appropriate word, but an absolute miracle occurred today when I had to visit the ER.

Actually, my 3-year-old daughter was the patient and my DH was the one who took her.  DH had taken our two kids sledding and my daughter now has a VERY swollen nose and under-eye area.  She is doing fine - her face found a sled just a bit too close for comfort!  DH said she rolled off her sled and turned around to get back on just as another kid (not my son, thankfully) rolled off his sled and the sled found its way to my daughter's face.  In the meantime, I was out shopping while waiting for the oil change in my car... then I got "the call" from DH and high-tailed it to the ER.

Now... here's the miracle:

From the time my daughter was checked in to the ER until the time we walked out, only THIRTY minutes passed!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe that???????  I do have to mention that we were not in a military hospital - we live 3 hours from the nearest one.  And besides, has anyone ever been to a military hospital ER and actually gotten in and out in a half hour?  Not in this lifetime (unless you are one of the unheard of lucky few...).

And speaking of the ER, this leads me to a strange TRICARE situation.  I went to the ER in December and made the appropriate phone calls afterward for TRICARE to approve the visit.  The other day I got a letter that said the ER visit was not approved because the "sponsor was not enrolled in DEERS at the time of service."  Ummmmm... last I checked, a dependent can not be enrolled in DEERS, and therefore TRICARE, UNLESS the sponsor is enrolled (with maybe the exception of the sponsor being deceased).  Am I wrong here?  Also, my husband went to Walter Reed the next day for some follow-up appnts. and TRICARE seems to be okay with that!  I am so confused...  I just have to face the fact that I will never understand TRICARE :)

And I am grateful that my daughter's accident was not any worse.  She's still as fiery and feisty as always!

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