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We read nightly to our children.   They, get to choose 3 books. Although some nights, we get to choose 1. 

I have a son who has just turned 5, and a daughter who has just turned 3.  Soldcvr1

This book My Daddy is A Soldier has served our family well.  The price was also 6.95.  It can be bought here.  The book covers moves, short deployments, long deployments, what a soldiers job is (as simply as it can be explained.) 

We read it often during DH's deployment.  So often in fact ours is missing a cover. 

I would recommend this book for those of you that have a child 18 months to 6.  It is easy for this age group to  to digest. 

Is there a book on your shelf, that you or your military family would recommend for children and why?

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