What Do You Mean You 'Can't'?


Is it just me or does anyone else find it fascinating how our spouses can do all kinds of technical, important or even dangerous work and yet not be willing/able to do some very elementary duties...especially around the holidays?

Case in point:  Hubs is "scared" to go to Toys 'R Us....mmmm-kay.

I don't want to create a log of comments full of complaints about our spouses.  I also certainly don't want to compare the issues involved in this holiday season v. the ones I have done on my own while Hubs has been deployed.  What I am interested in are those times in which you looked at your spouse, one of the brave protectors of liberty and the free world, and were amazed at the contrast between the game-faced, business-minded military man or woman and what lies beneath that armor? 

I know soldiers who can hit a target from hundreds of yards away without so much as a flinch, but who cannot locate their matching shoe or their car keys on a relatively regular basis...even though both items are clearly visible to the objective onlooker.

I have met soldiers who, in groups, live for WEEKS in the field only to smell so ridiculously awful that their clothes should most assuredly be burned, but who gag when a tiny baby's diaper is opened during changing.

Or, men and women who can stay awake for hours on end while on patrol, but who cannot stay awake through an entire movie if it starts after 9 p.m.  Or, those who cannot make it through hours of labor coaching without the need of a "nap."   

Of course these contrasts exist in every phase of life and for every profession or role we take on; I've just found it funny sometimes when given a different context, my husband seems to possess almost super human skills.  These contrasts don't always strike me at the time or, if they do, they may not strike me as humorous, but looking back on it, I find it amusing.

One of Hubs' gems includes: his ability to pack hundreds of items into a bag that, when folded, can fit in his back pocket, but his inability to make a sinkful of dishes fit into the dishwasher. 

Of course, without Hubs and the sewing abilities brought to him courtesy of Uncle Sam making it a necessary skill, we'd be in big trouble at our house!

So, share below what skills your military spouse has that just might not have made the connection to around the house or when you've marveled at whatever your super-spouse's kryptonite is. 

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