Ok Folks, move on the shows over. You don't need to go home but you can't stay here. Come back tommorow for the noon showing, and try the veal.

The Commissary... There is really nothing worse than a screaming and crying child. OK, there are worse things than a screaming and crying child, a lot of things. But a screaming and crying child immediately puts all adults on alert. It pains us to see a child that is in misery...

Today, we made the 45 minute drive to the Commissary. Which they should rename "comMISERY", just to please me today.

They have jet carts, and car carts. I prefer the jet carts, because The Collective are elevated, I can whisper..."Stop", and the other Mommy Mantras without the entire store hearing. The cart carts, The kids are way up front, near the ground, they can get out, and lastly they can touch one another.

So as we enter the parking lot Pink Ninja sees a green car. She tells me she wants the green car. I told her, they are much more manageable when they are in the jet. I then ask her to pick out a jet.

A little background. Pink Ninja has taken over Sir Rowland's dairy farm 5am waking. ick....so by 9am, Pink Ninja is tired. I will also note here, she looked adorable. She was dressed in a new dress, and tights, a new red furry coat from her Grandpa (which is getting harder to remove from her, even on 70 degree days). She also had a big bright red ribbon in her hair.

So I grab a jet cart, much to her dismay, and the crying starts. I walk 10 feet into the store and KNOW I better take The Collective potty. So we enter the bathroom, and I am trying to sooth her, and make the crocodile tears go away...

Some elderly woman stops, and hands her a quarter and says "Honey some times in life, all of the green cars are gone".

We leave the restroom, and there is another retiree couple, another quarter, and a compliment "Oh honey our Grandbabies, live so far away, and you look so pretty".

We head down the produce aisle, and I see a quarter appear in front of Pink Ninja, another retired couple, and they also say "Oh honey you look so pretty, we don't have any Grandbabies".....

This pretty much went on for the next 4 aisles.

I hated that people were giving her money for crying, not exactly the sort of thing I would promote...I kept telling them to keep their money to no avail. Arguing with retired people, is a losing battle.

So I tried to look at the positive side of the events...

Her first paying acting job.....I have no idea where she gets her "dramatic skills"..



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