If I Wasn't a Milspouse...


...I would have missed out on a very special lifestyle which has taken me all over the country and enabled me to meet fascinating people who I otherwise wouldn't have known. I'm a better, richer person for having married the military.

If I wasn't a milspouse:

I wouldn't: Know that I love living in Texas and hate living in Kansas (sorry, too cold for this southern girl).

I wouldn't: Know how to change a toilet tank kit, clean out a furnace when a bird gets lodged inside, be able to use almost any type of power tool to fix almost any kind of problem. If I don't do it during my husband's absences, it doesn't get done.

I wouldn't: Have met the people who I now consider my closest friends, even though we're spread out all over the world.

I wouldn't: Have learned not to sweat the small stuff.

I wouldn't: Be able to communicate in the strange language of acronyms.

I wouldn't: Know the true meaning of sacrifice.

I wouldn't: Truly understand the pride associated with military service.

I wouldn't: Know that I can endure three cross-country moves in seven months.

I wouldn't: Have ever efficiently organized my belongings or learned to get rid of excess baggage (after the third PCS move, I realized the importance of this).

I wouldn't: Know that I can withstand just about anything anyone wants to throw at me.

I wouldn't: Understand the meaning of "hurry up and wait."

I wouldn't: Have hoards of sisters and honorary sisters (male spouses).

I wouldn't: Fully understand what it means to defend and protect.

I wouldn't: Be here at SpouseBUZZ interacting with all of you.

You're turn to fill in the blank. If you weren't a milspouse, you wouldn't _______.

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