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A milspouse writes of trouble she's having with her civilian friend.

I am a Deployed Reservist's spouse and I have not seen any comments on friendships with non-military girlfriends. My BF is great but just can't get how to support me during my DH's absence. It's almost like she has her old friend back and wants to do the single girl thing with me again because she is single, which is not what I want right now. I have a FT job, a very active 3 year-old, a house, and a 95lb dog to take care of. Sometimes her comments just don't sound so sincere. Yes, I have the life and family she has always wanted, but our friendship is suffering because she just doesn't get it. How do other milspouses handle their civilian friends and comments?

We've poked a bit of friendly fun at "those wacky civilians" before, see here.

My civilian friends are very curious about military life. Curious in a good way. Military life seems so foreign to them, and it is. Our lifestyles are very different. For the most part, milspouses move - a lot, we send our spouses off to war, we have babies alone, the list goes on and on. My friends are fascinated with, and in awe of, milspouses.

While civilian friends may not fully understand military culture, they should understand you, and recognize what you need, whether it be space, laughs, just hanging out or an occasional shoulder to cry on.

What's been your experience with this topic?

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