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Howdy SpouseBUZZ Blogosphere (and all of you other folks, too!)  I realize it's been a bit; my apologies -- life called.  Fortunately the batteries have died on all the phones and I've a moment to say "Hey!"

So, what's the difference between me, ... and you? (other than my use of poor grammar)  No, not fair looking at the author of the post.  But if you did, you could safely construe I'm a he-male milspouse (not to be confused w/ a he-man, by ANY stretch of THAT imagination), and I have a question about how we think we're different than you that are fe-male milspouses?

Some of us work, some don't.  Some raise kids, some have none.  Some have advanced education, others are square in the middle of self-development right now.  All of us are supportive and proud of our US Warriors.  And would like them home each and every night ... but that isn't always possible.

So, what's missing?  Why is it that the male milspouse seems to be almost content to watch and wait to be asked to participate?   At the Club -- is it too ingrained in "the ways of old?"  For the OWC/EWC (OSC/ESC-- by any other name, it's still the same animal)-- does it meet the intent originally set forth?  (and no, that wasn't to make money for charitable purposes)  Is the luncheon the best way to regularly get together with "like-minds." (Just what IS accomplished at those luncheons, anyway?) (I know, I know, ... I've already put the tar over the fire, yall just bring your own feathers)

Or maybe is it, we just quietly do our thing, participating more than most realize, just ... not doing "it" like the ladies do it?

Whaddayathink?  Okay, gentlemen, I know you're surreptitiously reading SpouseBUZZ -- IF you think there's a starting point, re: changing the world's perspective of the male milspouse, what would the first thing be?  O&O, MaintToad

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