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I had never heard of NMFA's Operation Purple before this morning.  It's sole purpose is to take care of the kids left behind when a parent is deployed.  This year they are asking people to write letters of support to the children who are dealing with a parent that is deployed this holiday season. 

It is easy to forget that so many children are touched and affected by this war.  We are a strong bunch, we military spouses, and we take on a tremendous amount of hardship and responsibility.  But, hats off to the little ones!

"War takes its toll not only on the servicemembers who fight in the field but also on the families who wait Operation Purple Camp Photoandworry at home.  More than 115,000 kids have at least one parent who isdeployed in the war on terrorism; this staggering figure doesn't eveninclude those experiencing routine, but often lengthy, deployments andseparations from loved ones.  Many children are experiencing multipledeployments or have more than one parent or family member deployed.The stories from those who attended Operation Purple summercamps offer a glimpse of the heavy emotional and psychological burdenthat falls on the sons and daughters of those who fight America'swars."   

The last paragraph was taken from the Operation Purple home site.  Today's letter from the NMFA (National Military Family Association) included a site which enabled us to send a letter of support and encouragement to a child who's family is deployed.  I know many of you are dealing with your spouse's deployment.  But if you aren't, or if you can send this link to family member who would be interested.  let's support the children of deployed service members this holiday season and let them know that America supports them!

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