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In September, Andrea Downing Peck asked SpouseBUZZ readers to contact her about a story she was working on regarding milspouses and careers. She informs me that you responded in great numbers.

Andrea is currently working on a story about how to use military moves to get organized. Andrea is interested in interviewing SpouseBUZZ readers for her story, which will be featured in Military Spouse Magazine next spring.

My name is Andrea Peck and I am writing a story for the March/April issue of Military Spouse magazine on how to use a PCS move to "spring clean" your house and your belongings so you don't simply repeat organizational mistakes and clutter-building habits from one home to the next. Contact me if you have a story to tell - maybe you have paid a price for being disorganized when you couldn't document the value of items destroyed in a move or you own three can openers because each time you move to a new home you re-purchase what you already own rather than shift through boxes. I would also like to hear from you if you have discovered methods to solve storage and space problems in military housing or have any valuable moving, household organization or cleaning tips that you would like to pass on.I'm also working on a story about the dangers and value of social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook. If you or your children use the sites, email me and let me know whether you believe the sites have helped your child stay connected with friends at former duty stations. Do you think the advantages of the sites outweigh the disadvantages? How closely do you monitor your child's on-line activity? Have you let your younger children use MySpace? Has your child ever been bullied or slandered by postings on MySpace or similar sites? If so, how have you handled it? Has anyone forbidden their children from using the sites?Thanks SpouseBUZZ members for being the source of wonderful interviews about issues impacting military families.

Andrea is working on a deadline and needs to interview interested parties before December 23. We've discussed moving many times here at SpouseBUZZ. It is, after all, a very big part of the military lifestyle. Show Full Article

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