Valour-IT "Competition" Results


Hello, everyone!!!  I wanted to report the results of the Project Valour-IT Veteran's Day fundraiser.  In case you missed my post about Valour-IT, click here and see what it's all about!

The goal for this year's competition fundraiser was $180,000... and the goal has been met and exceeded!  Here are the results:

Marines - $51,228.85

Navy - $47,112.12

Army - $46,395.00

Air Force - $36,693.10

TOTAL = $184,428.00

I am sooooo thrilled and excited to know that so many wounded troops will benefit from the amazing generosity of all of the donors!  I want to send a heart-felt THANK YOU to all who donated to Valour-IT!!!  This project gives more than a laptop and voice-activated software to wounded troops... it gives them independence, hope, dignity, and a connection to the world!

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