The Waiting Game


The wait is on.  The military's famous for the old adage "Hurry up and wait."  Well, that's what I'm experiencing right now.  I don't like waiting, never have.  I've gotten better at it over time, but am still not great at it (granted, I'm not sure anyone is).  I still remember when JD and I first started dating and I'd tell him about something that I wanted to go do or wanted him to do.  He'd say "Okay, when?"  He learned rather quickly that I usually meant "Right now."  It's become a bit of a joke between us over the years. 

Right now, though, it's no joke.  When we found out we were PCSing to our current duty station, we also found out he would be deploying.  This was not unexpected and we knew it was his time to go again.  I was *fine* with it, but wanted to know when. 

"Soon." was his answer. 

"Okay... how soon?"

"Probably a couple of weeks after we get there."

"Oh." was my response as I pondered what that would mean for me and the kids.

So, we get here and find out we will get a reprieve.  There's something that he needs and it can't be issued until middle of the next month.  A sigh of relief for us as we realize that he will be around for, first of all, SpouseBUZZ Live, and secondly to help me with all of the unpacking and setting up of the house.  Now we think he will leave right before Thanksgiving and that's allright.  My mom and sister are already planning on coming to visit because we thought he'd be gone already and they didn't want the kids and I to be alone.

But wait, it's looking more like the first of the month now.  I talk to my mom and tell her not to worry about making the 18 hour trip.  JD will be here for Thanksgiving and the kids and I are heading home for Christmas.  I'd still love to see her, but there's no need to take vacation days at work and drive for a total of four days to come keep me company when I don't really need it.

This week we find out it will most likely be mid-December.  Ughhh!!  I understand that the main body is already gone and now it's a matter of sending smaller groups of soldiers, but really, does anyone actually know what's going on? 

Before I share the next part of my story, I want to explain myself.  I am thrilled to have JD here for as long as possible.  Really, I am.  However, I've been trying to prepare myself for a couple of months now and it's just getting ridiculous!  The kids and I are heading home for Christmas Break on Dec. 19th.  I am picking them up from school and we are hitting the highway.  This has been our plan since we found out about this deployment.  I.do.not.want.my.plans.changed.  Not at all.  Not even for JD.  Not at Christmas and not when my sanity is at stake.

So, I told him (now remember I LOVE my husband) "All I know is that your @$$ better be gone by the 19th!"  I know how cold that sounds, but as I'm saying this, I'm envisioning him not leaving until a day or two before Christmas and us being stuck here because we cannot miss saying our goodbyes and seeing him off.  We would be miserable and he'd be miserable thinking about us being miserable.

For now, we wait.  And hope.  Hope that his plane flys out by the 19th of December and that this deployment finally begins.  Because the sooner it begins the sooner it will be over.

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