Take a Number Please...

It appears I am in good company in this waiting room.  I have RedLegMeg to my left, and Sarah to my right.  Heck, I think all of us are waiting.  Some of us are waiting for our loved ones to return, or to go, or orders, or PSC.  I also doubt if any of us would say we are a patient bunch.  But I think we should give ourselves credit where credit is due. 

My family  ran into a sort of glitch this past week.  For 25 hours it was certainly not a glitch to me, but now it is a "glitch".   It has become one of those things that happen to OUR families.

I had called my Dad to have a simple, lighthearted discussion, and it took a strange turn.

Dad: "Have you seen the news?"

Me: "No"

Dad: "I just heard DH's Brigade might have to go back to Iraq."

Me: "Well yeah, this is a long fight, we figured it would probably be 2 years, I haven't heard anything. When DH wants me to know, he will tell me. Because finding out about an upcoming deployment, changes things. It makes things weird."

Dad: "Yeah"

Me: "Well have a good day, we love you."

I really did not think much more of it, until DH got home from work and said "Have you seen the news?"

So there you have it. 

I was not emotionally prepared for a deployment at this time, I thought we had another year.  (Oh, and it could be 2-3 years, all of a sudden all is hush, and no one is talking.)  People are tap dancing all over the place.  So, it is a "rumor" now, Even though we heard it in a press release from one of the big dogs.  So there is no news for me to hold on to.  All is in flux. 

I am proud of my DH, and is one of the best prepared soldiers I know.  He loves his job, he knows his job, and he has a fantastic work ethic.  Those are some of the reasons I married this guy. 

I think for 24-25 hours the one thing that disturbed me most was finding out like we did.  Finding out that my DH "could" be deployed in such a public fashion, had me feeling  hurt, disrespected,  angry, and disappointed.  I was spitting mad, cursing fire mad for about a day. 

I woke the next morning, OK.   Plodding through my house with my coffee. Everything like I left it the day before, with everyone in it.  Knowing, I do not have any power in this.  I can only take care of these people in my reach.  I can only set the example I want them to follow.  I want to help build memories that are positive, and will make them laugh.  Our time will come again, and whenever it is, it will always be too soon.   

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