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Okay, Navy and Reserve spouses, SpouseBUZZ has added a new author. On the right navigation bar, you'll see that navyreservewife has joined the team. You'll be hearing from her soon. Welcome aboard navyreservewife!

A reminder to send "What's Your Story" submissions to us. Click here for details. Deadline for submission is midnight tomorrow.

For the Christian spouse, if you're interested in seeing your name in print, see below:

I am so excited to find SpouseBUZZ! I am a Christian author writing an inspirational book for military families at a time when we all need (I say WE because I'm an Army Mom) a bit of encouragement and strength. "Secure the Fort" will be full of tid bits from military families, devotions I'm writing, poetry by military families, interesting facts, quotes, etc. I am extending a submissions request from any of you spouses who would like to contribute a story of how God has sustained you in the challenges of being a military wife during times of deployment. You can include poetry you've written, scriptures you cling to, or portions of letters from the field. 450 word max per submission to be considered. Please view my website for authenticity..www.allgloryishis.com "Under God" page. I want this book to portray the fact that we as a nation still desires to remain "UNDER GOD!" Just ask any military family. :) We NEED HIM. Look forward to hearing from you....please email me at Lucy@allgloryishis.com

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