Today I spent hours at the airport.  Hours...And I was proud. 

I watched, as family, after family welcomed home loved ones from Iraq, Afghanistan, and boot camp.  I saw signs.  Some made with glitter, others made by a computer, some in a child's hand, and others in a Mothers hand.  There were a lot of balloons too. 

And I stood at the side, watching.  Not participating this time.  I watched at least 10 of these "Welcome home" scenes today.  Each one made the tears come to the surface. 

I guess I was transparent looking because twice I was asked "are you waiting for your Husband?"

"Nope, he is home this year"...

I stood and watched, and smiled, and cried, and I was so happy that these brave men and women were home. 

I watched Mothers kneel to the floor thankful that they get to touch them for real.  I watched Dads give sons tough guy hugs, with so many tears held back that these men looked like pain had overcome them. 

I saw couples run into one another's arms, and people frozen.   

And I saw kisses that everyone should get at least one of in this lifetime.

I watched Daddies meet babies for the first time.

I watched and I wept. 

And I am proud.

Thank You Veterans.....

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