How Do You Mark Time?

Today, as I ate a bag of Cheetos (shhhh...don't tell), I noticed that the expiration date of the bag I was eating from falls smack in the middle of finals week next month.

I was reminded then of one way the girls and I marked off time waiting for Hubs' return...through expiration dates.

I loved checking out books from the library while Hubs was gone.  Not because I ever had time to read any of them, but because their expiration dates were in four week increments.  By the time I was supposed to have read the books, renewed them because I didn't and then returned them, TWO MONTHS had passed!  WOW!

It was wonderful when I bought eggs at the store and realized Hubs would be home before they went bad...I knew then we were in the homestretch.

Of course, as mentioned at SpouseBUZZ Live, there were also things in my pantry and refrigerator that had been there when he left and were almost there when he came home (I cleaned the refrigerator prior to his homecoming because it seemed important at the time).  And, yes, even over a year after his homecoming, I occasionally pull a package from the back of the cupboard and say, "Oh my LAND!  This went bad before you even came home from overseas!"  Or, "this expired when you were in Louisiana!"

Have you noticed yourself creatively counting time?  What creative ways does your household have of clicking off time?

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