Experts Need Not Apply


Wow!  What a weekend!  SpouseBUZZ Live was nervewracking, exhausting, and above all else, satisfying.  When Andi first approached me about being part of SB, I bawked.  Really, I did.  What could I possibly have to offer to other milspouses?  I'm no expert; I don't have any special talents or vast pool of knowledge to share.  So, after listening to all of my excuses and insecurities, she cajoled, encouraged, and convinced me (she can be quite persuasive) to give it a try and here I am.

And I couldn't be more proud of my decision.  What an incredible group of people to be associated with.  I don't mean just the other authors of SB (though I do find each of them amazing in their own right), I mean ALL milspouses.  Saturday's event reminded me that regardless of age, race, gender, background, branch of service, officer or enlisted, we are all connected in a way that millions of other people will never understand.  We go through highs and lows that others will never experience.  Those that attended SpouseBUZZ Live and shared their personal stories reiterated that fact for me.

We all have one common denominator - our spouses are Defenders of Freedom.  In this day and age that title carries a lot of responsibility and with it, often, heartache.  As spouses we are often alone, physically and emotionally.  We don't necessarily know where to turn when we need help or an ear to bend.  Hopefully, SB can help direct some of you to essential resources and offer a space to share and feel welcome.

I realize now that I don't necessarily need to be an expert in every aspect of military life. To think that one person could be a subject matter expert in every military family's life is an easy trap to fall into.  For example, some of us live on a Post and some on a Base, confusing this could lead to losing credibilty faster than the TV show "The Unit".  Realizing that we all have different experiences, and interpret those experiences in vastly different ways, is essential in understanding what we call military life.  You have your own experiences to share just like I do.  It is our willingness to share these experiences with other spouses; hearing and learning from others' trials, tribulations, and triumphs that makes this experience truly special. 

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