Deployment Confessions

We all know that life when our servicemember is home is different than life when they are gone for a significant amount of time. Routines are changed. Priorities are reorganized. Power structures are altered. Etc.

I have some confessions to make...and please do not judge me.

Sometimes, rather than completely unload the dishwasher (something I hateHATEHATE to do) I will take out the dishes that I need for a given meal and use them and then put them BACK in the dishwasher (that remains to be unloaded) and run the load again at the end of the day.


Crazy, isn't it?

My husband is the penny pincher and I am not. Therefore, if it breaks I PAY to have it fixed (or I buy a new one!). I don't try to fix it myself. I don't shop around on eBay for the part and then try to replace it myself. I call someone and say "How much?" I have no qualms spending money to avoid the headache of having to find time to fix it myself. Hell, there are days when I barely find time to shower, let alone FIX things! I've actually budgeted "repair money" into our budget!

When he's home, our meals are not necessarily elaborate but definitely more than 1 course. Not when he's gone. I do my best to include a fruit and/or a vegetable in every meal (and snacks) but that's it. For instance tonight's meal was spinach and cheese tortellini and green beans. No bread. No salad. No accompanying dishes. That was it. We do a LOT of pastas for dinner. And breakfast. Breakfast is a GREAT dinner around here. Maybe because my children won't eat it FOR breakfast. Weirdos. Just like their mother, I suppose.

So, what are YOUR confessions???


- hfs

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