What is a Flat Daddy or Flat Mommy?

They are life-size cut-outs of deployed service members.


How cool is this?  Another similar article here and here.  These would be great for any family or spouse.

Some people have said it is a bit creepy and my husband even said it is crazy, but I know my kids would love it!!

HOOAH to the Maine National Guard:

The Maine National Guard is giving life-size from-the-waist-up pictures of soldiers to the families of deployed guard members. Guard officials and families say the cutouts, known as Flat Daddies or Flat Soldiers, connect families with a relative who is thousands of miles away. The Flat Daddies are toted everywhere from soccer practice to coffee shops to weddings.

I have not been able to find a link for purchasing these, but I am sure that local communities have businesses that could create them.  If you know of an on-line link or know how to make these at home, please do share with us via comments or email.

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