What an Honor!


I've just put the last group of SpouseBUZZ bloggers on their airplanes, and have been able to take some time to absorb the enormous experience that was SpouseBUZZ LIVE. I plan to write more later, but it was such a large experience that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to capture the sense of sisterhood (as the attendees were all female) and the emotion that all of us felt yesterday when we were in the same room with another.

For the attendees, thank you for coming. The SpouseBUZZ authors were able to meet most of you personally. It was truly an honor to talk to you, hear your stories and share our stories. Each of you are amazing women, and we were thrilled to be in your company.

For those of you who are just discovering SpouseBUZZ, I encourage you to read our archive folders which you can find here and here.

I'm sure all of our authors will be writing about SpouseBUZZ LIVE more in the coming days.

WOW - what an incredible day!

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