The Soundtrack of Your Life


I love music.  All kinds of music.  If I could clear my mind of all the song lyrics I have trapped in my brain, I am certain I could reach the moon in a vehicle I've fashioned from hair spray, chewing gum and paperclips.  When I'm happy, I want to hear tunes.  When I'm in labor, you'd better bring the iPod.  If my husband is planning a jaunt across the planet and his return ticket is open-ended...well, the music catalog grows exponentially.

Do you find yourself chronicling your military marriage in song?

Most couples have "their" song.  And, most individuals I know can be transported back to a certain place and time after a few notes of familiar tune begin to play.  Sometimes those moments are happy while others, not so much. 

More than anything, music can be therapeutic.  It motivates me in a way that nothing else does.  Occasionally, a rousing rendition of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" will push me up that grueling hill in my neighborhood one more time.  I have soundtracks in my life for break-ups, new romances, new babies, and even theme songs I have used a la Ally McBeal to center myself for the day or to face new challenges.

As a military spouse, I'm sure you can relate to the idea of a "goodbye" song...and, if you don't have a CD full of "Hello and welcome home" songs, you should REALLY get one!  I'm sure many of you have sent a CD of songs along with your spouse before he/she heads off for any extended period or maybe you've loaded a laptop with tunes that are meaningful to both of you.

Here's what I'm interested in...when you are facing down yet another separation or you're in the midst of that gloomy, cloudy, overwhelming feeling of whose-neck-can-I-wring-today, what song do you turn to?  Maybe it's one that allows you that cathartic cry or perhaps it's the motivational cure to get you up, moving and confident again.

I'll go first. 

One song I like to belt out when I'm feeling particularly ooky is Jodee Messina's "Bring on the Rain."  And, you should perhaps pull up a chair and take a listen should Alicia Keys' "Ain't Got You" ever comes on the radio while I'm tooling around town.  Round out the set with anything from Chicago and/or Journey and I'll be sufficiently wrung of my tears.

When I want to pick myself up (and perhaps clean the house...or pretend to clean it while dancing around with wild abandon), I go for a mix of tunes that remind me of more carefree, less dust bunny riddled time.  I've already mentioned my affinity for the Jackson 5.  Toss in some Go-Go's, a pinch of the Cure, a smidge of Jay-Z, a sprinkle of Motley Crue,  and a heaping helping of Prince & the Revolution and my toes will be tapping.  Shake on some Lenny Kravitz and a shot of 80's hair bands and I'm in heaven.

Okay.  Your turn.  Hit me with your best shot.  Hey!  There's a song in that, isn't there?

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