Good Morning Ladies


How often do you hear when attending a spouses event, "good morning ladies" or maybe "how are you ladies doing this morning?"  You know, it's the greeting given just before the agenda for the day is briefed that includes everything, yet nothing, of interest. 

So, why state the obvious?  Let's start with the question, why in this day and age, is there the accepted perception of providing support to only a single gender in the military spouse kingdom?  And barring an awkward transition from that thought-bomb, are we as guys, more focused on that rather than on the bigger issues of getting and staying invovled.  Rather than getting wrapped up on the male, being addressed generically as a female, the issues that all milspouses need be focused on are what's really important.  At every meeting, at every occasion we need to be addressing the issues.

So, what's on my list of "tell me more?"

Let's start by talking about the important things that I as a spouse, need to know.  How do I keep my education on-track, I'm smart (just ask my mom!) so how do I work at a meaningful job wherever my wife might be stationed, and how do I let you know that I'm as passionate about my wife's career as you are about your husbands? Let's talk options after my wife's current hitch is completed, let's possibly talk about retirement, let's talk what my role is when there's a death in my wife's unit, let's talk financial planning and the myriad paths THAT subject might take; let's talk TRICARE when I'm away from a Military Treatment Facility; let's talk about SGLI and SBP -- BEFORE the chaplain shows up at my door ... and how about our spouses' boss coming and talking to us like the adults we are, and tell us what our US Warriors do and how they do it.  Yes, I'm interested!  Yes, I want the skinny, give me the unclass version of what's going on. 

Let's get over this quickly; no, I don't know why people feel compelled to address a gathering by using only one gender identifier.  But, so what?  There's so much we need to know that may or may not be getting to every ear as often as it needs to -- so let's continue to beat the drum on current info and personal decision trees that give us insight into how our lives could change in a flash.


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