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Much is said and much of our focus tends to be on ensuring we do what we can to reach out and touch the milspouse in our corner of the blogosphere.  Most of the older heads (note I didn't say "Blue hairs" or "Silverbacks") will attest to this, but there are times when the repeated offers of assistance though appreciated, really, truly aren't needed.  And at times (I suppose I should be WAY thankful) the offers reach a level of cacophony that hurt my ears (esp. the one good one I have left). What goes through your mind?  What are the things that you consider before you say, "Thanks!, but really, I'm okay."

My usual knee-jerk reaction is to say, "Thanks -- I'll give you a ring on the telee if I need  something" before I hustle off.  But what if that puts them off?  Then will they answer if and when I do call?  If they're offering this respite to me in earnest, by me saying "thanks, no" am I sending the signal that possibly I believe their offer frivolous?  What's the secret that allows me to simply say, "I'm fine" w/out squelching the offer when it's needed?  ... or for the next milspouse who really is in need? 

Or possibly, is it worst again, to accept the offer of assistance, whether it be a hot meal (w/ that all powerful "adult conversation" kicker), or the trip to the commissary (for something you really don't need), or ...

Sometimes, I really just wish to be left alone.  The laundry is getting done, the bills are getting paid, the checkbook is balancing (yeah, right), and I know tomorrow may be topsy turvey and I'll be on my butt again looking for a hand to help me stablize my gyro's.  So, for me, I follow what my Mom told me ... Yo, Toad; be polite and tell the truth.  "With all my heart I appreciate you thinking about me and offering to do whatever I might need, but for now, Thanks, ... really, ... I'm okay."  O&O, MaintToad1

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