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Opening Remarks by Vincent Patton, III

The main focus of the opening remarks is to welcome everyone to SpouseBUZZ Live.  This event and the SpouseBUZZ blog is for YOU - our readers.  This event and this blog would not be possible without our readers.  Military.com powers SpouseBUZZ and without Military.com this event and the blog would not be possible.  Thank you, Military.com, for giving SpouseBUZZ a home!

Andi Hurley is the creator of SpouseBUZZ - it was her idea that sparked the evolution of SpouseBUZZ.  She is talking about her experience as a new military spouse and Fort Hood was one of her first three duty stations.  She had been married 7 months when she arrived at Fort Hood - her third move!  She is also sharing some of her experiences as a new spouse and some of the rather funny, but at the time frustrating, things that she has been through. 

Some members of our audience are anxiously awaiting the return of their spouses in the very near future.  Others have just said good-bye to their spouse - some for the first time, many for the second or third time.  The feelings and emotions of their spouses deploying are still very raw.

Andi is touching on how SpouseBUZZ came about.  There are currently 13 authors, and we are going to add two more in the near future.  Soon, all branches of service will be represented.

Panel #1 is now being introduced.  Sarah, Melinda ("Guard Wife"), Rachelle ("ArmyWifeToddlerMom"), and Mike (MaintToad1).

They are introducing themselves and sharing part of who they are, their experiences, and how they became part of SpouseBUZZ. 

Some of the audience memebrs are also bloggers.  They are sharing bits and pieces of why they blog - to inform friends and family about what is going on in their military life.  Sarah mentioned that no matter what these bloggers actually write about, they are "milbloggers."  Their life is the military - therefore, by default, they are milbloggers.  Do any of you write your own personal blogs?  If so, share the site with us so others can check it out!

[Andi here] AWTM is discussing how blogging is therapy.

An audience member is speaking about how difficult it is to talk to her husband who is in Iraq and dealing with knowing that he had a "close call"

Audience member is now asking the panel for advice on how to deal with the little stress that occurs daily basis. How do you handle the stress of knowing that your spouse had a close call? How do you deal with having to keep your stress at bay so that your husband doesn't have to worry about what's going on back home? 

Guard Wife, Mike, and AWTM are speaking to this.

Panel #2 is now in the hot seat!  The panel members are Candace ("MollyPitcher"), Ruthie ("AirForcewife"), Cris ("LoveMyTanker"), and Dawn ("RedLegMeg").

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