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We're a fairly new military family (4 years) and our only major PCS was to and from Germany.  We're now on one of those über-fun 5 month PCSes, which means we're about to make our very first stateside-post to stateside-post move.  And I could use some advice from folks who've been around the block.

We're planning on buying a house at our next duty station.  We just heard this week that some other soldiers from my husband's course have already put contracts on houses at their next duty stations.  We have two months left here, so that really surprised me.  When we left our first duty station, we saw someone get his assignment changed on the very last day there!  Is it normal to start the process towards buying a house before you actually move?  Or, more importantly than "normal", is it safe?  I figured no one would be dumb enough to have 100% confidence that the Army will actually send them where they say they're sending them, but maybe I'm just being overly cautious.

What do you seasoned spouses think?

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